Hey! My name is Dan McQuade, I am a New York-based sculpture and 3 dimensional artist. My current work is focused on bringing awareness to mental health, an extremely important aspect in my life. Intrigued by the human form, I enjoy taking on the complex challenges that come with recreating the human body, always reminding myself that in the end the hard work put into creating is worth it.


With a background in practical makeup effects for film and tv, adapting our body’s to the artistic visions I possess have always held a special place within me, whether its mind, body or soul. I am well versed in the world of sculpture, whether it be ceramics, pottery, mold making or any other 3 dimensional materials. I am a firm believer of "if it exists I can learn and do it." I do not like to limit my skills to just one medium as I believe that all techniques intertwine. Not stopping with sculpture, other disciplines I am able to create in include photography, painting, and drawing.

Resume at a glance:


- Lab Technician at Designs to Deceive, June 2017 to August 2018 

- 2019 Scenic team at Horseman's Hallow 

- 2019 Orange County Arts Council "The Art Affair," Award Creation

- 2020 Scholastic art & writing contest adjudication



- Prosthetic Makeup Effects 

- Mold Making & Casting

- Life Casting & Dental Casting 

- Sculpture

- Photoshop & Lightroom

- Digital and Traditional Photography

- Painting & Drawing

- Scenic Painting & Design

- Pottery and Ceramics



- Orange County Arts Council, "2016 Youth with Exceptional Promise Award"

- Scholastic Art and Writing, Gold & Silver Key, 2015, 2016, 2017



- Warwick Valley High School

- Art Students League 

- New York School of Art

- Prosthetic Renaissance Master Class

- Rockland Community College



The Warwick Advertiser Youth with Exceptional Promise Award ​​​​​​​

Artist’s Space:  Daniel McQuade Gets Under Our Skin

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